Summerfest 2018

June 11th-17th


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Summerfest 2018

June 11th-17th 


Living the Sweet Life in Lakefield


Medallion Clue #1


All those numbers what are they for?

If you figure it out, will it open a door?

Medallion Clue #2

Now that I have you on the right path, are you sure you can handle the math?  Do I add, subtract, or multiply?  I'm so confused I just want to hide.

Medallion Clue #3

This year I'm thinking outside the box.  Some may say that's sly as a fox.  If you can open up your mind, people will see that you're not blind.

Medallion Clue #4 

June 14th

Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Here in Lakefield, we like to think of our city as one big family. Come celebrate with us at Family Fun Night in the park with live music, check out the craft show to see some locally hand-crafted goods, or send your teens off for an epic battle of Hippo Chow Down with giant inflatables! We can't wait to get all the events started! 

This year's theme is "Living the Sweet Life in Lakefield!" 

Have you met our 2018 GRAND MARSHALL? 

I am SURE you have! Roger Haar and his late wife, Judy, were the previous owners of our Lakefield Bakery! Our summerfest community thought there could be nothing sweeter than honoring the family who helped Lakefield stay sweet for so many years! 

Thank you Roger, and we honor you for this years 'Living the Sweet Life' Lakefield Summerfest!

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We simply wouldn't be able to do what we do with out the help of our sponsors. If you see any of them around while you're out enjoying the events, make sure to give them a handshake and let them know you appreciate the support!